StreetSmart Messengers
About Us
StreetSmart Messengers - We are a local small business dedicated to servicing our clients needs. With over 15 years experience in the same day delivery business we have intimate knowledge of what is necessary to successfully carry out your on demand delivery requests.  All packages are fully supervised to insure our on-time percentage stays at 100%. 

Bryan McCulloch - Bryan has vast experience in the messenger industry having begun working as a driver while a teenager. Since then has gone on to work with multiple different messenger companies as dispatcher, office manager, director of operations, and partial owner constantly noting the do's and dont's of operating a business that keeps the customer's best interest in mind.

Lawson Desrochers - Lawson is the "face" of StreetSmart Messengers. If you have not spoken with him yet you will shortly.  As the Operations Manager, Lawson plays an integral part in maintaining customer satisfaction and will always strive to make sure that the service your receiving is the service you want. 

Jennifer Poole - Jenny is our very capable Dispatch Manager. Without her on our team, getting deliveries to their destination on time would be a challenge. She is sure to keep our clients happy all the time.

Christina Tortora - Christina has over 20 years of experience in the messenger industry. As Accounting Manager she is an integral part of our team and is always happy to help with any and all questions or concerns that you may have.

Drivers - All Drivers working with StreetSmart Messengers are appropriately screened and are well briefed on the expectations placed on them by the company and the client.  We make sure our drivers are properly groomed and prepared to represent not only StreetSmart Messengers, but our clients as well.